NZDI - Gallery 2 Theme

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Theme Overview

NZDI Gallery Theme was designed as a minimal, yet elegant theme specifically for use in a CMS embedded environment. It was specifically designed for NZ Digital Images (hence the name).

It has a minimal user interface which is suited for CMS integration. Currently tested on Drupal 4, 5 and 6. Since release it has been seen in a number of different integrations including, Joomla, Visual Integration and also as Stand Alone galleries.

For your convenience we have also have a local demo (including color packs) so that you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Key Features

These are the main features of the NZDI theme (latest Version) and are user defined from the admin interface:

  • Color Pack support. Four Color Packs included.
  • Previous / Next arrows on Image hover.
  • Open full size image in pop-up window. Ideal for panoramic images in a fixed width embedded environment.
  • Thumbnail preview of album on Photo Pages. Thumbnail size and number of thumbnails to display can be defined.
  • Show Gallery Breadcrumbs. Great when your CMS integration won't support breadcrumbs for Gallery.
  • Optional Pager links on Album pages
  • Custom Footer displayed below the gallery.

Unsupported Features:

  • The theme is not designed with image frames support, but uses css to change the border colour around the image on hover.
  • Currently does not contain any translation files.

Recommended Configuration - Drupal

Disable the CSS file (drupal_g2.css) that comes with the drupal module as all classes have been defined in theme. The easiest way is to replace with a empty text file of the same name.

Color Pack Installation

  • Install the Gallery colorpack module.
  • Copy the contents of themes/nzdi/colorpacks/ to

Now you can select all colorpacks in your nzdi theme settings in 'Site Admin > Themes'.


Download the latest version from here or, install from 'Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins', page of your gallery installation. You may need to update your plugin list first.

Gallery 2.2.x users download the following version which supports Dynamic and Keyword Albums.

Latest G2.2.x Version -

If you are still using Gallery 2.1.x then this is the version that you should use. But, be aware that it does not contain all the features of the latest version and will not be updated. Ideally, you should be running the newest version and Gallery 2.2.x.

Latest G2.1.x Version -